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“Bushido” by John Ellis

This is another song that was just a meditation on a few chords, in this case all minor chords. There was no written melody, just 6 chords (or 5, one is repeated) and a form: 48 bars of 3/4, or 24 bars of 6/4. There were three tunes like this from the session, songs with only chords and structure, but with no pre-set melodies. This one was originally just titled #3. Aya, who did amazing artwork for this one, said it reminded her of samurai, which led to the title, “Bushido”. As always, thanks for listening.

John Ellis – tenor saxophone 
Yasushi Nakamura – bass 
Jason Marsalis – drums 

recorded and mixed at the Big Orange Sheep by Michael Perez-Cisneros 
as of yet, unmastered. 

Artwork by Aya Sekine (aya_loves_drawing on Instagram)