“Charm” can have many meanings: an ingratiating personality, a totem of good luck, a hypnotic allure. In all of those senses, Charm is an ideal title for the third album by saxophonist/clarinetist John Ellis’ eclectic, eccentric, and utterly charming band Double-Wide, due out September 18 on Ellis’ own Parade Light Records. Buy now.
Ellis’ and librettist/playwright Andy Bragen’s seventy-five-minute through-composed piece, for nine musicians and four singers, which was commissioned and created at one of NYC finest jazz venues, The Jazz Gallery, in April 2011. MOBRO marks Ellis and Bragen’s third collaboration. BUY NOW
refdp_image_0-150x150It’s You I Like
John’s Criss Cross debut featuring songs from two of his favorite composers: Fred Rogers and Elliott Smith. More info here.
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51erHZaw1UL._SS400_-150x150Puppet Mischief
Double-Wide goes Super-Wide with special guests Alan Ferber on trombone and Gregoire Maret on harmonica. More info here.
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51O7rtx2qVL._SS500_-150x150Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow
Introducing Double-Wide: sousaphone driven, cinematic, and carnival-esque. More info here.
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41Kv06hg3rL._SS400_-150x150By A Thread
John’s classic quintet outing featuring Mike Moreno, Aaron Goldberg, Reuben Rogers and Terreon Gully. More info here.
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51eVoUrVujL._SS400_-150x150One Foot in the Swamp
John’s NOLA/NYC cross-pollination continues with special guests Nicholas Payton, Gregoire Maret, and John Scofield. More info here.
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51FidCRykbL._SS500_-150x150Roots, Branches and Leaves
John’s debut on the Fresh Sound New Talent label.  Special guest appearances by Nicholas Payton and Bilal. More info here.
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johnellis-150x150The Language of Love
John’s self-released debut recording from 1996 featuring his first working band: Jason Stewart, Dwight Fitch, and Martin Butler. More info here.
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