• Recordings of 2013

    It’s truly hard to believe the amount of music that comes out each year. I’ve been trying my best to resist the urge to channel surf through everything; many of my favorite records have a subtle quality that demands the listener’s undivided attention in order to be discovered. So I say to you and to myself, don’t forget the value of stopping everything else in your life, closing your eyes, and listening to an album all the way through. It’s a radical thing to do these days, but it still feels as good as ever.

    Although I didn’t release anything as a leader this year, I was featured on quite a few 2013 releases. Here’s the list. Enjoy!

    Kendrick Scott Oracle – “Conviction”
    Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society – “Brooklyn Babylon”
    The Big Bright – “I Slept Through The 80s”
    Camila Meza – “Prisma”
    Alan Ferber – “March Sublime”
    Bruno Santos – “caixa de música”
    Les Grant – “Way Forward, Way Back”
    Will Bernard – “Dime Store Thriller”
    Dr. Lonnie Smith – “In The Beginning Vols. 1 & 2”
    Beto Paciello – “Eleven Moons”
    Jason Stewart – “Cyclicality”
    Michael Blanco – “No Time Like The Present”

  • Mobro, Mobro, Mobro

    Get ready! MOBRO, my through-composed narrative collaboration with playwright Andy Bragen, will be released on April 22nd. Can’t tell you how excited I am. More to come…
    MOBRO_©emraislek-21photo by emra islek

  • This Friday, November 15th at Snug Harbor in New Orleans

    I’m very happy to be heading back to New Orleans this week to play at one of my favorite clubs in the whole world, Snug Harbor. It is almost exactly 20 years ago that I moved to New Orleans to attend UNO and to study with Ellis Marsalis and Harold Battiste. I was sitting in with Ellis at Snug Harbor as often as I could, and I will always be grateful to him for the opportunity and to the club for giving us the space to grow on the bandstand. There are very few opportunities for that kind of apprenticeship learning these days, which only increases my feeling of gratitude. Joining me will be me another mentor of mine from that time, guitar legend Steve Masakowski, as well as old friends Jason Stewart, James Westfall and Kendrick Scott. Our sets are at 8pm and 10pm. We’ll be playing music from my latest Criss Cross release, “It’s You I Like” as well as tunes from “By A Thread” and others. Come by and tell your friends!

  • Join us for the late set at Dizzy’s, August 27-31

    I’ll be joining some old friends from North Carolina School of the Arts and New Orleans all next week at Dizzy’s for the late set. Trumpeter Antoine Drye, my high school roommate from 1989, put this thing together, and he’s calling it the Crescent City Collaboration. We start at 11:30 each night. Come thru!